Play Token 91 How to play

How To Play

Only the token owner can play. Click 'Roll Once' to submit a transaction, or 'Roll Multiple' to roll up to 10 times in a single transaction. NOTE: 'Roll Multiple' is most likely the preferred option, for speed and gas savings.

After the transaction is confirmed, there will be SEVERAL MINUTES DELAY while Chainlink VRF oracle supplies random number(s) and excutes the callback transaction. When received, the state of the machine is updated and the audiovisual output re-rendered. All past states are logged on-chain, and a history of them and their visual outputs is available at the bottom of the item page.

The contract requires $LINK to interface with Chainlink VRF. Each roll requires 2 $LINK. An initial amount has been deposit, after which owners are collectively responsible for replenishing communal pool of $LINK. Deposited $LINK cannot be withdrawn from the contract.

Jackpots may grant mint passes, subject to level dependent supply caps. A maximum of 2 mint passes will be awarded from jackpots from a single machine.

Rewarded mint passes can be saved or redeemed at any time by the owner of the machine. Click 'Redeem' to mint a next level machine for the specified redemption cost.

More detail with table of supply caps and redemption costs.